American Archive of Public Broadcasting :
WGBH & the Library of Congress

DESIGNER Creative Direction (Logo, Identity, Style Guide, Digital)

What is the American Archive? 
“In August 2013, the Library of Congress and WGBH received a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting...overseeing the digitization of approximately 40,000 hours of programs selected by more than 100 public broadcasting stations throughout the nation. Dating from the 1940s to the 21st century and emanating from all regions of the nation, these programs will be available to scholars, researchers, educators, students, and the general public at the Library’s audiovisual research centers and at WGBH.”

I designed the logo, components and overall style guide for AAPB.

The multicoloured tiles that come together and form the creative building blocks of this look represent the thousands of artifacts that have been gathered, digitized and made available through this incredible grant.

This guide was then utilised by the WGBH Digital team to craft the titular website and other promotions / infographics, seen here. 

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