Hello! My name is Kat.
MA Interactive Digital Media
Ravensbourne University London 2018
BFA in Graphic Design
Massachusetts College of Art & Design 2012

I’m an interactive designer, artist, and performer, currently residing in London. I have been here since August of 2017 earning my Masters in Interactive Digital Media at Ravensbourne University. Previously, I was employed for over 5 years in the Creative Department of WGBH Bostonworking closely with a broad range of nationally recognised public media clients. These include NOVA, Arthur, Masterpiece, Curious George, Frontline, American Experience, PBS, CPB, NPR, and more.
In addition to years of experience working commercially for big brands, as an artist I create interactive immersive installations, often performing within them or including viewer reaction as an integral part of the piece. For me, this work reflects a lifetime spent as a dancer. From the age of three through my college years, I performed as a dancer, singer, and actress. I’ve taken thousands of hours of classes and rehearsals, taught my own classes, and choreographed many pieces. Dance speaks to me as a medium more powerful than most, and one that should be focused on by designers and innovators of the future. 
I love to create in ways that draw from all of my experiences. I design like a dancer. I choregraph like a designer. Here is my happy place. I want to continue creating meaningful work that utilises my knowledge of gestural language with interactive technology, within commercial as well as artistic applications. 

Questions? Want to collaborate? (Or just want to say hello?)
Feel free to reach me anytime at kat.lee.hornstein@gmail.com

Do something creative, and have a great day!

K A T L E E H O R N S T E I N . C ✪ M