“WGBH brings young, exciting, and smart back to the world of TV game shows with High School Quiz Show, an award-winning single-elimination academic team competition for high school students in Massachusetts. High School Quiz Show is hosted by radio and television personality Billy Costa.”  (from pbs.org/show/high-school-quiz-show )
HSQS was an established brand when I became acting seasonal designer from seasons 6–8. My role was to provide creative within the guidelines of said brand, and maintain consistency across the more utilitarian aspects of this work (like funder blocks, logo and brand rules, etc.)

By my last year, the show was expanding beyond MA to both Maine and Rhode Island, which necessitated that I provide graphic packages to establish rules for future usage. 
Expanded Out-of-State Logo Sets

Season 8 Tournament Bracket 

The seasonal Tees were a chance to escape the tighter confines of the brand. Generally the client would ask for a badge or logo in an imagined style based on trend research for what was popular on teens’ graphic tees that year. For example, in season 8 we waned a retro collegiate sports feel (See 8Q graphic in maroon and gold.)

Taping days & events like “Super Sunday” (seasonal qualifying day) always required collateral like Step-and-repeats, foam photo props, even life-size cardboard stand-up of our host Billy Costa.
Our paper Billy went on to be utilised in a social segment called “where’s Billy?”, which saw the cardboard stand-up all around Boston, visiting major landmarks and posing trivia questions for the online crowd. Example shots from facebook seen below.)

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