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NOVA is the most-watched prime time science series on American television. From postcards and bookmarks to stacks of coasters and laptop stickers, I design eye-catching and informational pieces to promote their excellent work in the field of science education. NOVA’s many branches, like NOVALABS, NOVA Education, Making Stuff, and more, require me to honor the traditional brand, while also providing something fresh considerate to the content at hand. 

NOVALABS Evolution Labs Coaster Set

The coasters pictured here can be assembled into an “evolution tree”; a makeshift tabletop version of the online interactive resources NOVALABS provides.
The coaster projects can be given away in packs at conferences and also used or played with at “Science Cafe” events. They’re very popular! 

Creating designs for coasters requires technical thinking regarding the final product. Due to the porous material and the way the products are used, the ink sinks in, and fades away quickly. So I create layouts that are simple, clear, and bright; legible even with the grainy printing. 

NOVALABS Printed Handouts (Postcards, Bookmarks, and Stickers)

NOVALABS Bookmark  

These bookmarks, in addition to serving their basic purpose as eye catching giveaways, carried a lot of information about upcoming educational opportunities.

They were passed out at a conference our NOVA team attended, and have now been reordered several times, in addition to many more postcards shown below.

Just because it’s print, doesn’t mean it isn’t interactive.
By using new printing techniques, even picking up a free bookmark can become a special little experience.

I think about elementary school days, when I used to search for the perfect yearly school planner each September. I’d stand in the aisles of a Staples, tilting the holographic designs of unicorns and dolphins back and forth under the fluorescent lights for ages. 

It may be the doe-eyed designer in me, but I strongly believe details like this can be the difference between a small keepsake and recycling bin fodder. 

Our public media budgets rarely allow for luxe printing jobs, but aforementioned new techniques (like strikethrough printing) let me add extra shine to designated areas.

NOVALABS Laptop Stickers  

The ever-popular laptop sticker is a common design request. To keep it looking sleek and cool, I went for a one-color design rather than using photography.

This decision kept costs low and also ensured a higher quality final product. 

NOVA‘s “Making North America”
Rock the Cafe Coaster Set

The coasters pictured here were used at “Rock The Cafe” Events celebrating Nova’s New Series “Making North America.”

Pun-driven rock jokes hit home with geologists in the crowd.