LEAD DESIGNER Cross-platform (Broadcast, Digital, Environmental, Infographic, Social, Online, Print)
I served as lead designer on POINT TAKEN, a new PBS series written, filmed, and produced at WGBH. From initial brand iteration to live broadcast, I crafted the visual world in which POINT TAKEN took place.

 “...a weekly, late night, multi-platform PBS series that champions spirited and civil debatewith a solid sense of humor.” 

✪ DESIGN NOTE : A history of Typography ✪

The font used for Point Taken is called “BURLINGAME.” 
“...a sturdy typeface with open, clear shapes that offer high legibility, even in constrained digital settings...”

Originally designed to be used on car dashboards and later for video games,
the larger notches allow you to see subtle details in the type even at a distance.

I chose this font strategically, noting it would be would be high performing in a show so reliant on data legibility.
It’s bold, rogue character suited the personality of the program, and the extended family gave us plenty of mileage to work with across platforms. 

The show was heavily reliant on interaction with both the studio audience and viewers online. To avoid confusion and information overload, I developed strict visual guidelines deliniating broadcast vs web.
E.g., our studio audience was given handheld voting clickers. They were polled while our panelists debated, with their reactions routinely posted over the course of the episode. Our digital viewers‘  feedback trends were likewise displayed. 

In addition to live broadcast, Point Taken produced digital only content like Kousha Navidar’s “In 1 Word or Less” videos, acrostic style summizing of the topic discussed each week. Animated by Jak Ritger of TRLLM, Kousha’s videos mantained the social media end of the show’s palette as well as other solid Point Taken branding to keep this branch of the show alligned with the rest. 

Point Taken required my eye on every iteration of the brand, from the studio to social media, set screen animations to printed handouts; even occasional wardrobe advice. This is one of the largest roles I played in a WGBH production, from the ground up.

Watch a Timelapse of the Point Taken Set
being assembled & disassembled
for a taping of Point Taken in our Boston studios.

✪ Featured on this Page:
 Motion Design: Elias Mallette
Sound Design: Ned Porter
Online Animation (One Word or Less): Jak Ritger
Studio & Set photography: Meredith Nierman

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