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WGBH News reported on the global water crisis with their series WATER PRESSURE. Each day for 1 week, a new story was posted with an accompanying infographic, article, and eventually a podcast.
Working with the News team means changing statistics, copy, and entire pieces frequently and often at the last minute. Designing alonside a developing story is a challenge due to the speed with which you must create.

Despite the short amount of time allowed for creative, it was necessary for me to research the science and terminology used in the stories so I could represent the information in a clear, intelligible way. 

Therefore ahead of time, I made a plan. I established the brand, type treatment, and palette the Friday beforehand. And as I set about creating the individual daily graphics, I made them in a way that at the end, with very little effort, they could be pieced together to form a master graphic, with the information from each story included.

Example of an individual infographic post: 
Sample of Infographic Illustrations: