WGBH Production Group Identity
DESIGNER (Identity, Style Guide, Print)

The WGBH Production Group is an award-winning production resource for PBS and for filmmakers, documentarians, and independent producers from around the globe. As a part of WGBH, they are beholden to the strict brand guidelines of the institution. However it was determined we develop for them a sub-identity, visually in line with WGBH but uniquely their own. 
I worked with the PG team to create this bespoke style under the existing WGBH identity. They were keen to emphasize that the Production Group has two departments: the OUTPOST and the STUDIO.
The designs work to show that individually these components have particular a particular focus, and together they comprise the services offered by the Production Group. 
The dynamic ribbon glyphs shown on these guide docs are only demos of usage; ultimately they can be used across print and digital, always ensuring a sense of movement. They are recognizable stylistic markers, easily animated and applicabble to everything from a business card to a bumper spot. See the rest of the approved executive presentation below. 

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